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Can you Pay less in Taxes?

For many of us, taxes are our single biggest expense.  Reducing what we pay in taxes can have a huge positive impact on our lives and bring on big changes and opportunities in the future.  Some of our clients save a few thousands and others tens of thousands (the record for us was a client that we saved close to 100,000 in taxes).  Can you imagine what you would do with the extra money?

The loopholes has a negative connotation.  However, these are available to those that know about them.  But it takes more than just learning what those opportunities are to have a benefit from it.  We have to implement those ideas into action.   Your Small Business needs a team that can provide advise and that has a plan for the accounting and tax situation of your business – and that’s where we come in.

Key Steps to Paying Less in Taxes:

  1. Tax laws aren’t always fair.  They’re written to favor people who make money in a certain way – through businesses and investments, primarily real estate investments.
  2. We follow the governments rules and give tax advise that is legal.  We like to sleep at night and want our clients to do the same.
  3. Many Small Business Owners focus on how much they make.  We’d like to suggest that we look instead at your take home pay after taxes.  It matters how you make the money that determines how much tax you’ll pay.  For example, wages and salaries is the highest taxes income there is…
  4. You need to have a Tax Planning Strategy in place specific to your situation and circumstances.  A strategy for ExxonMobile won’t help us Small Business Owners.
  5. Your Small Business needs up to date advise.  Tax Laws are constantly changing and your advise needs to come from someone that makes Tax Planning a priority for his or her clients and takes the steps to keep up with the current tax law changes.  A Certified Tax Coach has regular meetings with other certified tax coaches to learn about new tax law changes.
  6. Your Tax Planning Strategy only works if you implement the ideas into action!  Somethings are lost if not done prior to the year end so it’s important to be aware of deadlines for successful implementation.

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Working With a Certified Tax Professional


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